Board Committees

Board of Education Committees


Finance/Facilities: (bi-monthly)

Athletics, Budget, Buildings & Grounds, Relevant Policies, Safety & Security, Transportation

Timothy Antisz*

Sean White

Carlos Garay

Alt.: Laura Giacobbe


Community Relations:  (monthly)

City Council, Relevant Policies, Creative Arts, Legislative Affairs, School Board Assn. (state, county, urban)

Najah Allen*

Carlos Garay

Timothy Antisz

Alt.:  Joseph Toma

Education/Curriculum:  (1st Thursday @ 6pm)

Curriculum/Textbooks, Student Relations, Relevant Policies

Joseph Toma*

Shanna Raysick

Najah Allen

Alt.:  Jennifer Moteiro


Technology:  (every other month)

Website, 1:1, Relevant Policies

Laura Giacobbe*

Jennifer Moteiro

Timothy Antisz

Alt.:  Carlos Garay


Personnel:  (bi-monthly)

Affirmative Action, Employee Relations, Negotiations, Relevant Policies

Shanna Raysick*

Najah Allen

Laura Giacobbe

Alt.:  Sean White


Policy: (Monthly)

Review, Change and Develop District-Wide Board Policies

Sean White*

Joseph Toma

Jennifer Moteiro

Alt.:  Shanna Raysick


Student Judiciary:

Parent/Student System of Due Process

Joseph Toma *

Shanna Raysick

Najah Allen

Alt: Jennifer Moteiro


*Denotes Chairperson


Board of Education Liaisons & Assignments

Academy:                            Joseph Toma    

ACE:                                       Najah Allen/Carlos Garay            

Cleveland:                           Sean White        

Franklin:                               Laura Giacobbe

High School:                       Najah Allen/Carlos Garay            

Madison:                             Shanna Raysick

Pre-K:                                   Jennifer Moteiro             

Roosevelt:                          Timothy Antisz

Affirmative Action:          Shanna Raysick

City Council:                       Najah Allen        

State Board:  (Del.)          Bernie Robson 

State Board:  (Alt.)           Joseph Toma    

County Board:  (Del.)      Joseph Toma    

County Board:  (Alt.)       Bernie Robson 

UCESC:                                 Jennifer Moteiro             

Great Schools NJ:           Najah Allen