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Director or Human Resources - Roseann Walker

Mrs. Walker's journey in education has been one of tireless dedication and relentless growth. From nurturing young minds as a second-grade teacher to spearheading complex administrative roles, her path has been paved with a commitment to excellence and a passion for serving her community. Now, in her new role as Director of Human Resources for Rahway Public Schools, Mrs. Walker brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic skillset to shape the future of the district's most valuable asset: its people.

Her educational foundation is firmly rooted in a Bachelor of Elementary Education and Masters in Administration and Supervision from Kean University. To this, she added a second Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of Phoenix, demonstrating her unwavering pursuit of knowledge and a deep understanding of diverse educational needs. This dedication manifested in her early years at North Plainfield School District, where she not only inspired young minds but also championed technology initiatives, laying the groundwork for a lifelong affinity for innovation.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Walker has embraced challenges with unwavering enthusiasm. In 2012, she took on the mantle of NJ Smart Data Analysis and Assessment Coordinator, demonstrating her proficiency in navigating the complexities of data-driven decision making. Her expertise in technology continued to blossom at Keansburg Public Schools, where she spearheaded the launch of a new district website, streamlined student enrollment, and empowered the district's technology programs.

Seeking to amplify her impact, Mrs. Walker transitioned to Edison Public Schools in 2016, taking on the multifaceted role of Grants, Assessments and Special Programs Coordinator. From orchestrating the ESSA Grant to managing fund distribution and coordinating anti-bullying efforts, she proved adept at juggling diverse responsibilities while ensuring compliance and upholding the well-being of the school community. This dedication was further showcased when she stepped into the roles of District Testing Coordinator and, later, Supervisor of Health and Wellness, successfully shifting medical benefits to a department focused on the health and well-being of the district's 3,000 employees.

Her ability to lead through diverse roles was further reinforced by her brief tenures as Supervisor of Transportation and Interim Director of Human Resources. Each experience added another facet to her leadership diamond, preparing her for the pivotal role she now assumes in Rahway Public Schools.

Beyond her impressive skillset, Mrs. Walker brings an unwavering commitment to Rahway. Her dedication ensures the district adheres to all state and federal laws, safeguarding the educational environment for students and staff alike. This deep-seated commitment, coupled with her proven track record of success, sets the stage for an impactful tenure as Director of Human Resources.

Mrs. Walker's arrival at Rahway Public Schools signifies a new chapter, not just for the district's human resources department, but for the entire school community. Her leadership promises a future built on strategic vision, collaborative spirit, and a resolute commitment to the district's success. With her at the helm, Rahway Public Schools is poised to thrive, nurturing a vibrant learning environment for its students and providing its staff with the support and resources they need to excel.



Roseann Walker