Curriculum & Instruction

Rahway Public Schools stresses high academic standards for students at both the elementary and secondary levels. There are four elementary schools, a 7th and 8th-grade academy, a high school, and an alternative learning center. Additionally, there is a wide variety of extracurricular organizations and sports to help develop a student's leadership abilities and team-building skills. Student-generated quality work drives every decision made in the district, starting with Board policy through curricula based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. 

In Rahway, quality professional development has been the key component for each of our initiatives. The success of these educational initiatives hinges on the effectiveness of our teachers and how well-informed and knowledgeable they are. As a result of our emphasis on professional development, teachers have embraced change because they have had the opportunity to learn about what children need to know and be able to do.

Our district is a special place where children matter most! With a rigorous instructional focus, Rahway Public Schools will continue its journey to turn our good intentions into strong results for all students, without exception.

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