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Mutlicultural Night

Grover Cleveland School Celebrates Multicultural Night


On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, the staff and students celebrated their cultures with each other.  The South River Dance Troupe, Raizes de Portugal, came and danced for the families of Cleveland School.  They did two dance numbers, the first one was called “the Fandango” and the second dance was the Caninha.  Mrs. Smith and her Rites of Passage group presented a Libation. Students were asked to come up on stage and talk about their traditional outfits. I AM Poems were shared by the students and we showed a video of the students saying “hello” in their various languages. In the gym, the families were encouraged to walk through and see on display different artifacts from the many different cultures that are here at Cleveland School.  Everyone was invited to the cafeteria to sample the delicious food from various cultures. The food was provided by the parents, staff, and local restaurants. A fantastic time was had by everybody!

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