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Past Superintendent's Messages: 2015-16

Jan 2016

Hello to all in the Rahway School District and Community,

I hope everyone had as refreshing holiday as I did.  One great side benefit of being in education is that we get two New Year celebrations each calendar year – September and the traditional New Year.

With the January New Year I am adding to my outreach with the community to help support learning for all students.  Beginning in this month there will be twice monthly “Coffee with the Superintendent” events.  These Coffees will be open meetings for any and all to attend; at each Coffee, I will share information about one of the many great things going on in our district and then the group can talk about any district-related topic.  To maximize my availability to the community the Coffees will be held each month on the second Wednesday from 10am-11am in room 105 of the Academy AND on the third Wednesday from 6pm-7pm again in room 105.

I look forward to meeting with many people interested in constructively supporting our students’ learning on Wednesday, Jan. 13th or Wednesday, Jan. 20th!

Dr. Trisha Camp


Oct 2015

Hello to all in the Rahway School District and Community.

This is the first of my web postings to you.  I started as your new Superintendent September 15 and it has been a whirlwind 3 weeks. . . I am meeting many wonderful people in the community and district.  Let me briefly introduce myself. 

I earned my Bachelor’s in Biology from Penn State and I had a wonderful time there.  I earned my Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Physiology with a minor in Neuroscience from the University of Maryland Medical School; I sometimes feel I grew up in Baltimore because it was the first time in my life I lived on my own.  After my doctorate, I did postdoctoral research at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Little Rock) and SUNY/Stony Brook Medical School.  Finally, I completed my formal education with a Master’s from Rutgers in Educational Administration.

I am the first in my family to receive a Bachelor’s degree and the only person in my family to earn a Doctoral degree.  I am also proud of receiving my Master’s with a 4.0 GPA years after completing my doctorate.  I have continued my involvement with education on the national level through the Society for Neuroscience where I have served on the Public Education and Professional Development Committees.  Through the Society for Neuroscience, I was a national reviewer for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Everywhere I have worked I have used my personal educational journey to motivate students and staff to continue their education, including students going on to college/technical school in education, medicine, technology, and combined fields (e.g., business and science), as well as staff returning to college to become teachers.  I am happy to be a role model as a 1st generation college-educated person, as a female that has earned the highest degree possible and had a productive research science career, and as a successful returning student.  Education is very important to me – it is a positive accomplishment that an individual earns that will impact themselves, and others, for years.

So.  . . why come to Rahway?

For me, the short answer is that it is an exciting place to work. 

My basic educational philosophy is that all students can learn at high levels given a stimulating environment and strong instruction.  In researching the district, I see many strengths (diversity, community, district size, school configurations, and people) that translate this philosophy into a strong education for all children.  The diversity of the Rahway community and district is an amazing asset – for me this adds valuable richness and perspective to both personal and work environments.  My first weeks in the community have only confirmed my initial view that Rahway has a strong community that solidly supports all students and their learning.  The Rahway School District is an ideal size – large enough to try new things to support student education, and small enough to still have a productive sense of community.  The Rahway school configurations also support students with neighborhood schools for the younger children, and single schools for grades 7-12 which allow for more and diverse academic offerings for the older students.  Last and most important to me are the people in the district – students, teachers, staff, and administrators – all have been welcoming and helpful to me as I settle into Rahway.  I am excited to join with them, parents, and the community in moving learning forward for ALL students.


Dr. Trisha Camp