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Model Classrooms Initiative Overview

In select classrooms, we are piloting new teaching and learning strategies that are supported by technology tools and resources.  The objective of the pilot program is to provide teachers with an opportunity to design instruction utilizing innovative, leading edge practices in a technology-rich classroom setting.  There is a strong commitment to providing ongoing professional support as teachers develop new learning activities that meet the needs of all of their students.  Technology provides a great opportunity to guide each student's individual learning path, develop critical skills and habits for future success, and engage students in a way that is well-suited for 21st century learners.


For the 2016-17 school year, fourteen teachers and their students will be involved in the Model Classroom initiative  The participating teachers are:


Grover Cleveland Elementary School

Jasmine Akauola - Grade 3

Franklin Elementary School

Jerriann Litterer - Grade 6 ELA

Laura Lopez - Grade 6 ELA

Madison Elementary School

Anissa Strong - Grade 3

Jaclyn Basso - Grade 4

Roosevelt Elementary School

Chris Delloiacono - Grade 3

Tara Delsordi - Grade 4

Rahway 7th and 8th Grade Academy

Kristyn Suckow - Grade 7 ELA

Robyn Larche - Grade 8 ELA

Rahway High School

John Odin Grade 10-12 Humanities

Rahway HS Alterative Center (ACE)

Donna Campbell - Grade 11-12 Math

Margy Demkow - Grade 9-12 Math

Christine McEvoy - Grade 11-12 Special Ed Math and Science

Kari Spiess - Grade 11-12 ELA