Parents and Guardians
    Set up your PowerSchool and SchoolMessenger accounts, and update your child's information, in 5 important steps.  Refer to the information on this page to assist you. 
    1- Create Parent Portal account (See video tutorial.)  You will need a Web ID and Password to set up your account.  Please contact your child's school to get this information.
    2- Log into PowerSchool Parent Portal.
    3- Update your SchoolMessenger Contact Manager information (see video.)
    4- Go to "Account Preferences" in the Parent Portal to set email notification preferences.
    5- In the PowerSchool Parent Portal, use the link at the bottom of the portal pages to complete the Annual Student Information Update in the Registration Portal.  All existing students must have their information updated each year, using the Student Information Update link in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.   NOTE: Snapcodes are no longer needed to complete the Student Information Update.
    We also encourage you to use the PowerSchool App on iOS and Android smart devices. Please note that you must use the website (not the apps) to print Report Cards.
    The district code for the PowerSchool App is: WNJN
Video Tutorial: Creating Your Parent Portal Account

SchoolMessenger Contact Manager Video



     Parent/Legal Guardian Web ID and Password Request Form 


    PowerSchool Public Portal Login Page



    - PowerSchool Parent Portal Account Setup Instructions

    - SchoolMessenger Content Manager Instructions 

    - PowerSchool Parent Portal Introduction Video


                  setup                                                                                        setup

    PowerSchool Parent Portal Setup Instructions                         PowerSchool Parent Portal Instrucciones en español


    Please read and follow the instructions below to edit your email address and preferred phone numbers for SchoolMessenger:

    setup setup
    SchoolMessenger Content Manager Setup SchoolMessenger Contenido Administrador de instalación

Parent Portal Introduction Video