Dear parents/guardians & students, 
      Please check Google Classroom and PowerSchool
       to keep track of your work and progress. 
      Please do not hesitate to reach out to me 
      with any questions or concerns throughout the year.


      What We're Learning
      Lab Equipment
       Biomedical Engineering  
      Supplies Needed Daily For Class
      three-ring binder with lined paper for science class only
      test Grading
      30%     Classwork/Labwork/Participation
      25%     Homework ( classwork not completed in class is to be finished for homework)                                       
      25%    Tests/Quizzes                                  20%     Binder                                                
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      Are tests/quizzes announced?
      Tests are announced 1 week in advance, quizzes can be announced or unannounced.
      If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you will make it up on the day you return to school.


      Is late work accepted? 
      Assignments not turned in the day they are due are considered late. 
      5 points are deducted for each day late. 
      Assignments will not be accepted if they are more than one week late.


      Is work considered late with an absence from school? 
      Homework assignments can be turned in the day you return. 
      Large research projects, lab reports, etc. are to be emailed even if you are absent.


      Is there extra credit? 
      Extra credit replaces one homework assignment per marking period. 
      The assignment will be determined by the teacher. Previous extra credit assignments have been webquests, Family Math & Science Night attendance, and responses to science newspaper articles.

      Classroom Expectations/Rules
      1. Be seated and working when the bell rings.
      2. Follow instructions the first time given, including all Academy rules.
      3. Treat each person with dignity and respect; no put-downs, teasing, or inappropriate language/gestures.