Servers at Back to School Night


            French Club Sweetens Back-To-School Night

         For Parents and Faculty 
    Story by:    Rob Kinch

    Photos by:  Mary Mull


       Throughout the evening, the fresh fruit tarts tantalized and the pecan tassies tempted as parents

    negotiated their way through their children’s schedules during the annual RHS Back-To-School Night

    program Sept. 15.  Each year, in its always successful fund-raising event, the RHS French Club makes

    sure that parents and faculty alike have the opportunity to take a moment and savor some special

    French treats during the often hectic evening’s proceedings.  What better way to relax after searching

    floor to floor for that elusive classroom, than to quietly enjoy a fresh and tasty French croissant glazed

    with Nutella!


       Proudly dressed in their crisply pressed chef’s jackets, club members find the event great fun and their

    opportunity to serve very rewarding.  Sophomore Jessmary Lora believes the occasion affords her the

    chance to “develop the organizational skills I’ll need in a leadership role…like how to keep people

    on task.”  Along with enjoying working with his classmates, freshman Olivier Diegue appreciated the

    “push” it gave him to become “more responsible.”


       The scrumptious French pastries are not only parent pleasers, but also much anticipated treats for the

    faculty as well.  History teacher John Odin feels the yearly event “always adds so much to the evening.”

    He adds, “It’s an opportunity to see our students doing something they enjoy while being part of a group

    effort to raise funds to further the mission of the French Club…and the food ain’t so bad!


     Before the rush...students work together to prepare their French treats.

    Chefs fighting the temptation to nibble.  
     Discovering the beauty, allure, and history of the French culture!
                             Come join us!
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