• Welcome Class of 2018
    Who are your advisor[s]?
    Ms. Pasewark  
    Ms. Pai
    Who are your officers?
    President Natalie Quelopana
    Vice President Tymek Jones
    Treasure Marry Famosa
    What we do:
    We do fundraisers to raise money for the prom.
    When do we meet?
    We meet the first Monday & third Monday of every month in room 221 at 2:45pm. 
    Message from your advisor(s):
    We are so excited to guide you all in raising money for your fabulous prom! Although four years seem far away at this point, prom will be here in no time. Therefore it is up to you to guys to raise money to make your prom memorable. As advisors we will guide you through the process but we will not do the work for you. The more money we raise, the better your prom will be. We have wonderful new ideas for the prom of 2018--we need your hard work and dedication to make those ideas become a reality. 
    Current Fundraiser: 
    1.  Senior Shirts! Listen for the announcments as to when your clothing will arrive! 
    Prom bids are 100 dollars. Starting Oct. 1st we will be collecting prom payments. The minimum for each payment is 25 dollars. The first payment is due by 11/8. The second payment is due by 1/24. The third payment is due by 3/29. The final payment is due by 5/15.  You may pay Ms. Pasewark room 221, Ms. Pai 311, or Ms. Rios 318. You will be given a receipt, please hold on to it to aviod any issues later. If you have any questions please email one of us. 
    Prom is located at Mayfair Farms in West Orange from 6pm-11pm.