• Welcome to Environmental Science!
    Everything from class will be uploaded under the month it was completed in, including homework, for you to download and/or print as well as PowerPoints from class (to help you study for your test)
    TMs. Patel
    Room 322 & 324
    Email: rpatel@rahway.net
    Coronavirus Update 2020 - 2021: Please use Google Classroom to access all information and school work. Codes are as follows:
    Environmental Science PD 26rnjcjc
    Environmental Science PD 3: fefcv3u
    Environmental Science PD 7: 7qe3ufm
    Environmental Science PD 9: 74bv2ju

    During this time, I will be available to assist and work with students electronically. Students will be able to reach me in the following ways: email rpatel@rahway.net or on google classroom.  I will be responding to students on a daily basis; however, please allow at least 24 hours for me to get back to either you or your child.