• Some Class Rules & Behavior Expectations:
    Rules & Classroom Behavioral expectations impact Classroom grades. I expect ALL my students to follow these few simple rules below. Rules & Expectations will be discussed & reviewed at the beginning of the school year, afterwards, short reminders from time to time and reference to this website will be your only source. 
    1. Cell phones/electronic devices are prohibited in my class unless otherwise stated by me.
    2. Hats/hoodies/head ornaments/earbuds & headphones are NOT to be worn upon coming into or during my class. They are prohibited, unless otherwise stated.
    3. Drinks & food are prohibited in my class. During hot months, water will be permitted.
    4. Students are expected to be prepared at ALL times.That means notebooks, texts, hw, pen/pencils, highlighters and any other supplies asked. I do not and will not supply them and might result in lost grade points for not being prepared.
    5. Bathroom breaks will only be permitted after 10 min of class commencement and no bathroom passes will be approved 10 min before class ends (2nd Period class - ONLY emergencies). ALL students are required a hallway pass in order to leave my classroom during class times.
    6. Personal grade issues are to be discussed privately, not in front of other students. See me with concerns and we will mutually agree for a time & date after class or school to discuss it. TESTS & HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS that you did not take or do -  due to absence, must be MADE UP within 1 week - if not, the grade will remain a zero.
    7. If you are absent, you will be expected to make - up missed homework/classwork that you weren't here for by the end of the week. You will be expected to hand in any hw you were here for upon your return if you were in school when the assignment was assigned. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of your class. Assignments will not be accepted at the end of the period or at another time of the day unless excused by me.
    Tests/Quizzes are to be made up by the end of the week (usually Friday). I close out all grades by the end of the week. Any work, quiz or test NOT made up by the end of one week will result in a ZERO.
    PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL, SCAN your work/assignments to me - ALL assignments must be on paper/hardcopy & handed in in class. Prolonged abscenes and medical conditions will be EXEMPT.
    8. Keep the classroom clean. Please place ALL garbage in rubbish bins before you leave (there are 2 in my class). 
    9. Attendance is paramount. Don't be late & be prompt! Use your 3 min. between classes wisely! I DO. Use the bathroom, get to your locker. If you are late, possible points from your class participation will be removed and VERY late without a note will be treated as a CUT. I will grade your attendance & promptness and this will factor into your final grade (Quiz grade at end of each Marking Period reflecting attendance will be given -5 points for each absence, and -2 points for each unexcused tardiness to class/long term illnesses (make-up work/home instruction) and school field trips in other classes will be exempt from this policy). This rule may be changed at my discretion.
    10. School Dress code is strictly enforced in my class - you will be dismissed from class if inappropriately dressed & penalized with a 0 for class participation/behavior & work that day. No shoulder straps, hats, hoodies. Please refer to district dress code for school - the same applies in my class.
    11. While in virtual class - KEEP IN MIND:
    a. you must be in visual mode (no icons, pictures or symbols)
    b. you must be on time & no leaving class early
    c. you must be dressed appropriately and be in a location conducive to learning and respectful  to others
    d. be respectful to others online - no music, loud distractive activity, keep muted unless speaking or participating
    e. deadlines are deadlines NOT suggestions
    f. emergencies for being absent should be communicated to me ahead of time via email or Google message
    g. attendance willbe taken usually at the end of class
    h. Fridays will be reserved for class help, one on one meetings and other communication