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    World Cultures/American Studies

    Rahway High School 

    Social Studies Department 

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    Course Curriculum 

    (World Cultures): This course will focus on the various themes of world history such as geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science, society, constitutional heritage & global relations (SOCIAL STUDIES). Throughout this course, you will be asked to think critically about the events that have shaped world history and how they’ve impacted our world today. This course will also cover a wide range of events regarding human civilization. From the emergence of humans in Africa to the modern world, this course traverses the plain of what many call the “story of man”.

    (American Studies): This course will focus on the historical story of the United States of America. From the first settlers of America to the U.S Civil War, we will explore its geography, government, people, culture & history. We will also study the responsibilities of citizenship, current events & the challenges that face this young nation today.

    Materials Needed:

    Textbook   Electronic device    Notebook      Folder        Pen(s) & Pencil(s)       Highlighter      

    Grading policy:

    40% Assessments (tests, exams, projects/reports)

    30% Homework/Quizzes

    30% Classwork/Participation

    * assignments not completed or delivered due to abscence, must be completed & delivered to me by the end of the week.

    Homework: Homework is usually given Monday thru Thursday, Fridays are normally hw free. HW is to be done in ink (blue, black or typed). HW will be placed on board, hw website & announced in class. Long term projects may span weekends.

    *Please refer to my homework/Google Classroom webpage  (Rahway.net) for further details & updates. 
    ROADMAP of Curriculum from SEPTEMBER to JUNE:
    Sept:    Chapters 1 & 2 (pgs. 4 - 48) First Civilizations
    Oct.:    Chapters 3 & 4 (pgs. 50 - 99) China & India
    Nov.:   Ch. 5 & 6 (pgs. 104 - 146) Greece
    Dec. :  Ch. 7 (pgs. 148 - 178) Rome (Project/Research Paper on assignend topic)
    Winter Break
    Jan. :   Ch. 16 (pgs. 380 - 408) Explorers
    Feb:    Ch. 9   (pgs. 198 - 212) Americas
    March: Ch. 8 (pgs. 180 - 196) Africa
    April/May:  Ch. 13 & 14 (pgs. 286 - 314/ pgs. 316 - 343) Middle Ages/High Middle Ages (Project/PowerPoint on student chosen topic)
    June:   Ch. 15 (pgs. 352 - 377) Renaissance/Reformation