Ms. Canagon
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    Ms. Canagon:

    Ms. Tiwari (intern):

    Precalculus - Honors Precalculus - Applied Calculus
    Daily Schedule
     Period  Room  Class 
     2  315  Honors Precalculus
    HR  ASC  National Honor Society
     3    Duty
     4  315  Applied Calculus
     5    Prep
     6  315  Applied Calculus
     7  315  Honors Precalculus
     8    Lunch
     9  315  Precalculus


    All assignments and meet links will be posted in Google Classroom. Please email me for the class code.
    You may schedule an appointment via email for extra help every Friday or if you have any questions or concerns.
    Looking forward to a wonderful school year!

    Ms. Canagon's back to school video