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    Math Class!




    Room # 208 


    Phone:  (732) 396-1000 Ext. 4544


    Scheduled Class Meetings: Google Meetings will be held Monday through Thursday.  (If a week is shortened then Google Meets will be held on Friday as well.

    Period 1 (Algebra 1): 8:15am - 8:57am

    Google Class Code:  h4r3dge  Period 1 Google Meet Link


    Period 2 (Algebra 1): 9:00am - 9:42am

    Class Code:  3fqzzvi  Period 2 Google Meet Link


    Period 5 (Geometry Literacy): 11:15am - 11:57am

    Class Code:  44m3dgn  Period 5 Google Meet Link



    Daily Requirements:


    Extra Help:

    Individual extra help will be offered:

    • Friday 8:30am to 2:30pm.  

    To schedule a time slot, log into Google Classroom and in the Classwork section click on the link provided in the "Friday Extra Help Appointment Booking" topic.  This will bring you to the Appointments page. Click on one of the available time slots.  Each time slot is 30 minutes long. If you feel like you will need more time, select two back to back time slots.  After a request is made, an appointment will show up on Google Calendar with a Google Meet link for the time requested.


    Check your Email and Google Calendar throughout each day!