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    Room # 208 


    Phone:  (732) 396-1000 Ext. 4544


    Schedule for Algebra 1 beginning April 20th

    Starting April 20th, we are initiating a new learning plan for Algebra 1.  We will be holding online class meetings twice a week and all of your assignments will be shared and completed through Google Classroom.  We will pick up again with Chapter 7.


    Scheduled Class Meetings: 

    Every Monday and Wednesday at 9am.

    These meetings will be held through Google Hangouts.  An invite email will be sent to you when the class is scheduled to have a Google Hangout.  It is vital that you check your email!

    The first meeting will be held on April 20th at 9am.  

    In this meeting we will review how to use Google Classroom, Formative, and Google Calendar.  We will also discuss how distance learning will work in this class from now until we return to school.


    Daily Requirements:


    Extra Help:

    Individual extra help will be offered:

    • Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 2pm

    • Friday 9am to 1pm.  

    To schedule a time slot, log into Google Calendar and click on one of the available time slots.  Each time slot is 30 minutes long. If you feel like you will need more time, select two back to back time slots.  Upon receiving a request for extra help, I will schedule a Google Hangout with you for that time which will be a confirmation for you that I am available.


    Check your Email and Google Calendar throughout each day!