• Seventh Grade Science


    Mr. B. Edwards

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    Daily Class Schedule

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     Mr. E. Daily Virtual Schedule


    Topics to be covered this year:

    1. Electricity and Magnetism (Physical Science)
    2. Gravity and Kinetic Energy (Physical Science)
    3. Diversity of Life (Life Science)
    4. Populations and Ecosystems (Life and Earth Science)


    Course Materials (Once we return to in-person instruction):

    • Two pocket folder (4: 1 for each unit)
    • Composition Notebook (4: 1 for each unit)
    • Pen and pencil
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighter

    Course Description and Long Term Projects:

    Normally, Seventh Grade Science is mostly hands-on in class. During virtual learning, there are certain new expectations that students are expected to meet. Attendance will be taken daily so students need to be logged into the Google Meet on time. Please be dressed appropriately and have cameras turned on. Students are not permitted to record sessions. In addition, the Google Meet is considered classroom space. Parents can assist students with technology issues, but should not participate in the lesson.

    Students are engaged in activities of scientific discovery.  The students are given a great deal of freedom to explore scientific questions that arise out of our guided activities.  During our Life Science Unit, students will learn about the basic structures required for life. During our Earth Science unit, students will analyze relationships between organisms and their environments.  During our Physical Science units, students will explore the behavior of matter and energy. 

    Grading Policy:

    1. 30% Classwork, Projects, Presentations, Participation
    2. 25% Tests and Quizzes
    3. 25% Homework
    4. 20% Notebook Assessments


    Parents, please be aware that because of the hands-on nature of this class, the volume of homework in Science is moderate at best, maybe a few nights a week and usually in the Google Classroom.. We will also use Gizmos online activities. Notebooks and folders  are very important and we need your help making sure students keep them neat and organized.