• Hello! Welcome to my page. My name is Jeff Hogan. I am the theatre teacher at Rahway High School. I have 10 years of experience in public education. In my 10 year career thus far, I have directed over 30 theatrical productions, including non-musicals and musicals.

    Marist College - B.A. in Communications; Minor in Theatre
    Drew University - MAT in Theatre Arts; MAT in English

    Email: jhogan@rahway.net
    Office Hours: I am available from 2:35-3:23 on Tuesdays after school or by appointment.

    Period 2: Theatre 1
    Period 3: Attendance Office Duty
    Period 4: Prep
    Period 5: Intro to Theatre
    Period 6: Lunch
    Period 7: Intro to Theatre
    Period 8: Theatre 1
    Period 9: Theatre 2