Welcome to Dance Class

  • Hello everyone and welcome to Mr. DeLeon's Dance Class.


    Teacher:   Mr DeLeon    Email: adeleon@rahway.net 


    Course Description

    This course is an introductory dance course. Students will be introduced to explore a variety of dance techniques and genres, including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Modern among others. We will focus on the elements and principles of dance, technique, body awareness, dance history, improvisation, choreography and performance skills.



    Daily Participation: 45%

    Homework: 5%

    Quizzes: 15%

    Tests/Performances: 35%

    Materials Needed:




    If you are absent for any reason, including school approved business, you must do a choreography analysis make up assignment in order to earn your daily participation points for that class period.  If you are absent multiple days, you must complete one analysis per day that you are absent.  For instance, if you are absent 3 days, you must submit 3 different choreography analysis assignments in order to receive credit for all three days.


     Classroom Rules:

    Classroom rules are to be followed at all times. Failure to follow classroom rules will follow the discipline policy.

    1. We are on time.
    2. We come to class prepared and in proper attire.
    3. We show courtesy and respect towards ourselves and others.
    4. We are open to new ideas and ways of moving.
    5. We do nothing to prevent Mr DeLeon from teaching and nothing to prevent us from learning.


    Discipline Policy:

    The following discipline policy will be followed:

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Teacher/student conference
    3. Parent phone call
    4. Other necessary disciplinary measures


    Injury Policy:

    All injuries need to be communicated with Mr DeLeon before the start of class. Any student sitting out due to an injury must complete an injury participation assignment during that class time. Completing any schoolwork outside of dance will result in losing all participation points for that day.  Any student who has a long-term injury must provide a doctor’s note. After the note is presented, the student will be given a dance project to work on during class time in order to earn daily participation points.