• Esports Club

    Who we are: The Esports Club is a group of students that gets together after school (typically in Room 325 or 320) and plays video games or card/table top games. 

    What we do: Members of the Esports Club typically congregate in Room 325 after school every OTHER Friday, where they will play video games or card/tabletop games, and eat snacks. At least once each year, an Esports Tournament is held, run by the Esports Club. The tournament is open to anyone from the High School. It typically takes place either in the middle of the school year, or towards the end of the school year.  

    Who runs the MNHS: There is one advisor: Mr. Marks. He can be contacted via email: jmarks@rahway.net

    Can I join?: Yes! You can join at ANY TIME! Just stop by Room 325 on the Fridays after school that we have it (the Esports Club runs every OTHER Friday)

    Thank you for your interest in the Esports Club, and we hope to see you soon!