Rahway Academy String Orchestra 


    To the Rahway Academy Orchestra Families,

    It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself to all of you as the string orchestra teacher at Rahway’s 7th and 8th Grade Academy. Thanks to the collective work of the students, their parents and everyone at the Rahway schools, the students involved in the program are mature, respectful, dedicated and talented young adults. The challenge for the orchestra will be to make the most of this school year, especially with the current events that have unfolded across the world. My goal is for us to achieve positive growth which can culminate in a successful concert experience. I have created a class dojo and a google classroom for the orchestra, I can also be reached at aperez@rahway.net  My desire is for the students to reach their highest potential and experience a school year that builds a strong foundation for years to come.

    Anthony Perez
    String Orchestra Director 

    Rahway 7th & 8th Grade Academy