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Mr. Flanagan

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My name is Robert Flanagan, and I am the Fine Arts and Commerical Arts educator at Rahway High School.  In 2018 I graduated from Kean University, where I obtained my Masters of Fine Arts Education, completing my Thesis research concerned with the authenticity of artmaking and the creative process.  I have been a working freelance artist and musician for the last 18 years, having worked with various musical artists, studios, and businesses, as well as having exhibited my artwork both nationally and internationally.  I believe these experiences give me a pragmatic yet dynamic knowledge of art which I hope to share with students.

Constructive criticism and open dialogue are necessary components of education, and I will instill this in my student's overall experience.  Artmaking allows students who are often instructed to find the one correct answer for most questions, an opportunity to approach topics from multiple perspectives. By learning to evaluate the creative process before, during, and after each art lesson; students will strengthen an ability to self-critique and critically approach all subjects.