Welome to Mr. Sabates 2020-2021 Math Class!!!


    Motivation is key:



    Patience and understanding that results come with hard work and practice are keys to success, especially in Math.  To some, Math comes naturally, to others, it requires additional work, but in order to achieve at a high level in Math, the amount of practice, time and work remains the same for all.  Think of Math as a puzzle, a maze that you have to put together piece by piece or follow clues in order to arrive at the finish.  I will guide you through each lesson, each puzzle, each day, answering your questions and making myself available to help you become the most successful student that you can be. 


    Below is a copy of my schedule and links to google classroom (everyone should have received an invite from me.  If you did not then please type in the class code associated with your class period noted in the schedule).  There is also a copy of the Parent/Guardian Expectations, the Student Expectations and a Welcome letter for the year. 


    Mr. Sabates Virtual Teaching Schedule

    Student Expectations

    Parent/Guardian Expectations

    7th Grade Math Welcome Letter


    The online Text book information is below.  This is the exact same book that would be used in the classroom for the Pre-Algebra Course.  I am also attaching a video tutorial on how to sign into the website and navigate the online book.  Please email if there are any questions.  The website is as follows:


     Use the following website:  my.hrw.com

                            username:  racademy

                            password:  student

    Online Textbook VIDEO TUTORIAL


    Feel free to email me at anytime at csabates@rahway.net

    There is additional information regarding homework assignments, the online textbook and the course syllabus within this website.  I am looking forward to having an excellent successful year of teaching you all!



    Mr. Sabates