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    (This information is intended for use during extended school closings)


    NEW - 30 March 2020 - 

    Marking period 3 extra credit

    Design an itinerary for a trip around the world visiting at least 5 different locations (in 5 different countries). List and describe each of the 5 locations. Also, list what historical events have taken place in the city and what places related to those events still exist that you can visit. Due April 1 by 1159pm. Do on google classroom or email to me.


    You are a direct source for this historic moment in the modern history of our world. Every school day (Monday-Friday) you are home, create a 20-30 min journal entry detailing your experiences, concerns, and activities. Keep in mind that these primary source documents, that you are creating in real-time, could be used by future students to understand the direct impact this pandemic has had on your daily life. This assignment can be handwritten and returned to your teacher when you return to school, or you can complete the journal entries online and upload them to Google Classroom on the assignment created there.


    Assignment, parent letter and pacing guide in pdf


    Students are also to work on the previously assigned research paper that will be due shortly after our anticipated return to school.  Students can submit the paper early and I will look at it for ideas on how to make it better.  Please see the instructions below or on google classroom for more information.


    Research Paper Requirements for the Social Studies Department - 2-3 pages

    Course Titles:
    World History, Honors World History

    Class Assignment:
    Using the suggested list of topics provided by the teacher, develop a more in-depth understanding of a particular person, event or theme in history in the form of a research paper. Make sure you demonstrate your knowledge and application of accepted research, critical thinking and literacy skills.  Due April 9.

    Additional requirements for all students:
    All papers must be 12 point font, double spaced, Times New Roman or Arial font and double spaced.
    The outline and bibliography/works cited pages do not count as pages.
    The paper must be in MLA format (see the MLA cheat sheet which is on the Academic Success Center’s homepage, found on the RHS’s website, under departments)
    Pictures are not allowed anywhere in the paper.
    Length of paper requirement: World History and Honors World History must be 2 to 3 pages.
    Your last name and page number must be in the top right corner of each page.
    There is no title page, in the top left corner of the first page the following must be listed and double spaced: Student’s first and last name, teacher’s name, title of class, period number, date the paper is submitted.
    The last page is the bibliography or works cited page. You may use the website www.easybib.com to create your “Works Cited” page. This does not count towards your page number count.
    Properly list in alphabetical order any resources such as books, websites, articles, etc. that you use when gathering information for your research paper and/or are quoted directly in the text of your paper.
    keep in mind that different types of resources require different types of citations.
    remember that an important rule for a bibliography/works cited page is to be consistent.

    Student’s papers will count for 3 test grades, 1 classwork grade, 1 homework grade. For grading information, refer to the Research Paper Rubric (which is attached)

    Research sources must include at least 2 books for each subject and must include at least 4 different sources.
    It is your responsibility to use MLA format. Refer to the website, “The Owl: Purdue Online Writing Lab - MLA Style,” https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/11/ for information on the MLA format.
    Quotations that are more than three (3) lines in length will not be accepted.
    When you cite a source in your paper, you must include the author’s name or the title of the article and the page number(s) for example: (Adams 34)




    Dear Rahway Public Schools’ Parents/Guardians: 

    At this time, Rahway Public Schools are being closed due to a directive from the Health Department and/or the NJ Department of Education. During this time, it is expected that students will continue to complete academic activities, as well as stay in contact with their classroom teachers as needed. 

    All work will be posted on MY TEACHER SITE. If you have not visited my site prior to this, below are instructions on how to do so: 

    1. Go to www.Rahway.net 2. In the top drop down menu, please select your child’s school. 3. On the top of the school page, please click on the TEACHER SITES tab. 4. Locate and select the appropriate teacher’s name. 5. Click on the Home Instruction page. 

    If you are unable to access this information, please call the main office of your child’s school and assistance will be provided. 

    During this time, I will be available to assist and work with students electronically. Generally, my three hour window of availability is from 12pm to 3pm . Students will be able to reach me in the following ways: drosa@rahway.net . I will be responding to students on a daily basis; however, please allow at least 24 hours for me to get back to either you or your child. 

    While school is not in session, students may submit assignments electronically to me in the following manner: google classroom . Otherwise, all work must be completed and submitted as soon as school is back in session. Please be aware that these assignments will be graded and calculated into student’s final grades. 

    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. 


    Mr. David Rosa II 





    Rahway High School

    Teacher: Rosa______________________________
    Emergency School Closure Pacing Guide

    These assignments will be counted towards your child’s grade in each subject area.

    Please make sure that they are completed ONE DAY AT A TIME.

    Course Title Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5


    Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry

    Course Title Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10


    Journal entry

    Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry

    Course Title Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15

    Journal entry

    Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry Journal entry