• K-12 Science Program

    The goal of the Rahway Science Program is to foster students' curiosity about the natural world and provide them with the skillset to design, plan, and carry out investigations about natural phenomena. The science program stimulates and challenges students at all ages to enable them to achieve scientific literacy. Through active learning in authentic, hands-on learning experiences, students develop their ability to question, reason, argue, and communicate their findings.


    Dr. Susan Dube

    Program Supervisor of Science,Technology Education, and World Language

    (732) 396-1011


    Dr. Susan Dube joined the Rahway Public Schools Curriculum Instruction team in August of 2019.  Prior to working in Rahway, Dr. Dube worked as a middle school science and math teacher, as well as an elementary educator. Before beginning her tenure in academia, Dr. Dube spent ten years working as a freelance court stenographer. Dr. Dube earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership: Curriculum Instruction, a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Math, Science, and Computer Education, Post-Masters' Certifications in Supervision and Teacher of Students with Disabilities, and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.