• What are the cores values of our Health & Physical Education classroom?

    This is not your typical “gym” class…It is called Health & Physical Education. My goal is to teach you habits that will help you to achieve and maintain a healthy active lifestyle from this point on. Health & Physical Education play an important role in our daily lives. For example, with the food we eat; the amount of sleep we get; our daily stress; the ways we interact with others, and how much exercise we get…or don’t get. With all these distractions in our lives, we sometimes ignore our own health and take it for granted. 


    I want to work with you this year and teach you that exercise is in fact fun! The science behind Health & Physical Education prove that exercise helps to reduce stress/anxiety/depression, increases endorphins & serotonin levels (natural hormones that make you feel good); boosts brain power, gives you more energy, & fights off diseases.

    We show respect at all times for each other, our environment, ourselves, and opinions that differ from our own. As a member of the Rahway community we exhibit integrity – even when it is difficult. We are self-disciplined in our habits and actions, and always have positive intentions. Excellence is our priority academically, socially and personally, and we persevere in the face of challenge.

    What will I learn this year? (Not Limited Too)


    Unit Number

    Unit Title

    Concepts Covered 

    Unit 1


    • How to dribble with your dominant foot & non-dominant foot.
    • How to shoot a soccer ball.
    • How to pass to a static target & dynamic target.
    • Learn the positions.
    • Play games.

    Unit 2


    • Proper mechanics when throwing & catching a football. 
    • Throwing to a static target & dynamic target. 
    • Understanding the different positions and their responsibilities. 
    • Learning specific offensive routes.
    • Tracking specific statistics such as: How many touchdowns were thrown; completed catches; successful catches; dropped passes.
    • How to play a game.

    *** Please note: this is NOT tackle football.

    Unit 3


    • How to dribble with your dominant hand & non-dominant hand.
    • Shooting.
    • Lay-ups
    • Passing to a static target & dynamic target.
    • Playing Defense.
    • Playing Offense.
    • Learning specific plays and how to execute them in a game.
    • Playing basketball games.
    • Tracking specific statistics such as: shots attempted vs shots made (% of shots made) How many rebounds; where are most of the shots being taken from?; how many points?; how many assists?.

    Unit 4


    • Proper mechanics when holding a hockey stick.
    • How to pass to a static target & dynamic target.
    • Learn all positions on a hockey team.
    • Learn how to control the “ball”.
    • Tracking specific statistics such as: goals scored, goals against; final score; & assists.

    Unit 5

    Kickball /Baseball/softball

    • Proper mechanics when throwing and catching.
    • Learn all the baseball positions.

    Unit 6


    • Proper mechanics when passing/setting/spiking/serving a volleyball.
    • Proper footwork.
    • Proper rotation.
    • The roles of each player on the court.
    • Rules of volleyball

    Unit 7

    Outdoor games

    • Badminton
    • Pickle -ball
    • Corn-hole
    • Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee
    • Handball