• Needs Assessment Committee

    One of the core responsibilities of RECAC is to gather feedback on a regular basis from families of preschool students to help ensure the program is meeting their needs. The analysis from the data collected by these regular surveys is delivered to the district and program administrators to incorporate into program implementation. This work is carried out by the Needs Assessment Committee.

  • Transition Committee

    The Transition Committee works to ensure a smooth transition from PreK3 to PreK4 and also onto Kindergarten and beyond through 3rd Grade. One example of the committee’s work will be to create a collaborative partnership with the Rahway Public Library on a “Getting Ready” program a few weeks before the start of the school year to help children and families get excited about moving up to a new grade.

  • Community Engagement Committee

    Finally, the Community Engagement Committee’s focus is on informing the community of activities and accomplishments of the Early Childhood Program. For example, the committee may develop informational material to assist families of children with special needs in getting access to various district and community resources. The committee also engages in community outreach via social media through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Meeting Dates

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