DATE:  09/08/20

    TEACHER:  Mr. Romeo                                                                                                                                   

    COURSE:  Driver Education

    TEXT:  State of New Jersey Driver Manual 

    EQUIPMENT:  Audio/Visual Material; Technology Center/Chromebooks. 

    OFFICE HOURS:  By appointment.                         

    OBJECTIVES:  By the conclusion of the semester students will be able to: 

    1.     Explain the three parts of the highway transportation system.

    2.     Explain how your driving task involves social, decision making and physical skills.

    3.     Identify the four steps of the IPDE process.

    4.     Identify the meanings of several signs, signals and roadway markings.

    5.     Identify the location and operation of the car controls.

    6.     Describe how to correctly perform basic car maneuvers such as steering, turning, changing lanes and parallel parking.

    7.     Identify each kind of intersection and how to interact safely at intersections.

    8.     Identify problems presented by pedestrians, motorcyclists, trucks, special-purpose vehicles, buses and emergency vehicles.

    9.     Identify precautions when driving in adverse conditions.

    10.  Explain how to handle different kinds of emergencies and the steps to take if you are involved in a collision.

    11.   Explain the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driver performance.

    12.  Provide students with the knowledge and understanding needed to make an informed decision about organ and tissue donation. 



    1.  Tests:

      a.   40% of your final grade.

      b.   25 question multiple choice test following the completion of each text chapter.
    2.  Classwork/Homework:

      a.     30% of your final grade.

      b.     All work is expected to be handed in on time (-10 for each day late).  If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up the work/notes that you missed.

    3.  Presentations:

      a.     20% of your final grade.

      b.     Students will be required to make one or more PowerPoint presentations on topics relevant to driver education.

    4.  Class Participation:

      a.     10% of your final grade.

      b.     Includes daily behavior, attitude and attendance.




    1.     Students who are absent five times (unexcused) will lose credit for this course.

    2.     5x late=one absence from this class.

    3.     5 minutes or more late to class will be considered a cut.

    4.     Students will lose credit for this course after their 2nd cut.


    1.     No eating or drinking in class.

    2.     No headphones, cell phones, playing cards, headwear, etc.  These items will be taken.

    3.     Students will sit in assigned seats.  Students that are disruptive will be moved.

    4.     Students will raise their hand and wait to be called upon to speak. 

      *Students must pass this course in order to be eligible to take the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Services High School Test. 

    Driver Education Websites:

    Sample Knowledge Tests:

    1.  http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Licenses/sample_knowledge_test.htm

    2.  http://www.edisondriving.com

    3.  http://www.fivestardrivingschool.com

    4.  http://www.bridgewaterdrivingschool.com


    Driving Simulator:

    1.  http://www.driveredtogo.com/Game_DriverEd.aspx

    Parking Simulator:

    1.  http://www.driverseddirect.com/game

    Texting/Driving Simulator:

    1.  http://www.itcanwaitsimulator.org