• Ms. McNicholas
    E-mail: cmcnicholas@ rahway.net

    I am available for help, however, you must ask me one day in advance.

    The rules that have been established  by Rahway High School will   be followed as well as my class rules.
    1. Respect: yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.
    2. Be on time for class. no excuses, be on line on time

    1. Be prepared to begin working(notebook, pen/pencil, textbook or any other book or handout that we may be using.)
      4. Hand in all work when it is due. If absent, you have TWO (2) school days to hand in missed work.   We will be using google classroom, all work will be submitted to google classroom, no exceptions.

     Work is graded as follows:

                     Date Due:Grading starts at 100%

    1. One day late grading begins at 50%
    2. Two or more days late the assignment will receive a o(zero) no exceptions. 
    1. Use proper documentation on all writing assignments.
    2. Dress appropriately.
      **Plagiarism is a serious offense and will result in a failing grade.**

    Two offences will result in loss of credit.

    Grading Policy
    Assessments(test, projects) 50%

    Homework 40%

    Class participation 10%

    (texting,phone usage, will result in a zero in class participation for the day)

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