• Creative Writing


    Rahway High School                                                                                                                                                  Ms. Kiefer

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    Assigned Units (order is subject to change)

    Unit I

    Creative Non-Fiction


    Unit II



    Unit III

    Personal Narrative



                Readings—Students are required to have completed all assigned readings by the following class period.  Reading, study and or written homework will be given on a daily basis.

                Essays – Students will be required to complete a variety of genre pieces of varying lengths.  I will be collecting ALL PHASES of the writing process:  pre-writing (brainstorming), outlines, drafts and final products.  Assignments will not be considered complete unless all phases of writing are submitted.


    Portfolios – All class work, genre pieces, notes and responses to readings MUST be SAVED to be considered for self-assessment and inclusion in a final portfolio presentation. 


    Important Policies

                Technology Recommendations

                            If student do not yet have a Google mail account, it is strongly recommended that they create one.  This will enable each student to use Google Documents on the internet and avoid the need for both compatible software (between home and school) and a memory stick that can so easily be misplaced or corrupted.


                            • 40% homework/

    • 10% participation/engagement – Discussion and exploration of the readings and student writings will be done as a class and in small groups; therefore each student’s participation during class is crucial.

    • 50% genre pieces and quizzes

                Work Completion

    • Late work is marked down one letter grade for each day it is overdue. No assignment will be accepted more than 3 days late, excluding emergencies. Emergencies do not include computer problems or regular absences and are up to the discretion of the teacher. Documentation must accompany any emergency.

    • Extra credit may be earned in two ways: 1) Excellence in homework or essays completed (and submitted on time); 2) Bonus questions on quizzes and tests. **Extra credit will not be offered to replace or improve previously incomplete or late work. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


    • RHS is a member of the plagiarism network, www.turnitin.com.  Any student found plagiarizing will be subject to a 0 on that assignment and will earn a 0 as a participation grade for that marking period.

    • During the first week of school a handout/worksheet outlining the elements that constitute plagiarism will be distributed to all students.  It is strongly recommended that students keep this handout in their English binders.


    • All students must come to class prepared to read and write each day.  Pencils/pens and paper are the responsibility of each student. A three-ring binder or notebook and folder is required of all students to effectively organize papers, notes and to save daily assignments.  **Agendas are to be used by each student on a daily basis for recording homework and long-term assignments.  Students must have their agendas to be excused from the class room for any reason.