• Classroom Rules

    Mr. David Rosa II



    It is mandatory students be on time for class.  In accordance with school policy, being more than five minutes late without a pass will result in a cut with the appropriate action taken by the attendance office.

    Class Materials

    Materials you need for class everyday include:

    1 – Notebook dedicated for class notes and sufficient amount of paper.

    2 – A writing implement; pen or pencil

    3 – Any personal items

    Pass Policy

    A student can request a pass if necessary to the bathroom or any other resource not found in the classroom.  Student should never leave the classroom without a pass.  If students take advantage of the pass, they will not be allowed to use the pass and it will be requested to conduct their personal business on their own time.  Passes will not be given the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class.

    Eating and Drinking

    There will be no eating or drinking in class without my permission.

    Electronic Devices and Cell Phones

    They are not to be used at any time during class except as designated by Mr. Rosa or Mr. Herrington.  There will also be no charging of electronic devices in class.

    Inappropriate Clothing

    Any student wearing inappropriate clothing to class (as stated in the dress code) will be asked to remove the article of clothing or report to the office.  There will be no hats or headwear in class.


    Use of profanity is prohibited in class and will not be tolerated.  Use of inappropriate language including but not limited to profanity, racial slurs, or any other disrespectful language will result in a detention and a call home.


    Everyone in the classroom deserves your and my respect including all students, myself and any other visitors to the classroom.  This also includes the physical classroom itself like desks and maps, etc...  Disrespectful behavior will result in a detention and call home to discuss the situation.

    Grading Policy

    Evaluation of grades is as per the social studies department.  Tests and quizzes will count as 50% of grade.  Home work will be 25% of grade.  Class work will be 25% of grade.