• World History


    Period  3, 4, 6, 7, 9


    Mr. Rosa                                                              

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    Rooms 308

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    Content Overview:
    Students will be studying world cultures ranging from modern European History to the 20th Century. 


    Materials used:

    • Textbook: World History: The Human Journey. Austin, Texas, Holt, Rinehart and Winston 2003
    • Teacher created worksheets, maps and reading assignments


    Scope and Sequence: (subject to change)

    1. Middle Ages/Feudalism

    2. Renaissance and Reformation

    3. Monarchs of Europe

    4. Enlightenment and Revolution in England and the Americas

    5. The French Revolution

    6.  Monarchs in Europe

    7.  The Industrial Revolution

    8.  Age of Reform

    9.  Nationalism in Europe

    10.  Imperialism

    11.  World War I and Russian Revolution

    12.  The Great Depression

    13.  Nationalist Movements Around the World

    14.  World War II and the Cold War

    15. World Since 1945 in Asia, Africa, Latin America



                    Class discussions, cooperative learning, research papers and group projects


    Grading Policy:

                    The grading policy will follow the letter grades as stated in the Rahway High School handbook.  A passing grade of 63 or better must be attained to pass the class. A grade will consist of 40% tests, 30% quizzes, 30%, homework.