• DATE:  09/08/20

    TEACHER:  Mr. Romeo                                                                  

    COURSE:  Health (12)

    TEXT: Lifetime Health.  Holt, Rinehart and Winston.  A Harcourt Education Company, 2004.

    EQUIPMENT:  Textbook; Audio/Visual Material;  Technology Center.

    OFFICE HOURS:  By appointment.                       

    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Students will examine the physical, mental, social and emotional changes that occur during adolescence.  They will learn the responsibilities of married partners as well as parenthood.  In addition, students will learn the roles and functions of the male and female reproductive systems.  Students will also become familiar with factors that lead to developing healthy relationships.  Finally, students will learn about the symptoms and treatments of several sexually transmitted infections.


    1.      Tests:

    a.  40% of your final grade.

          b.  Tests consisting of true/false, multiple choice, matching and short answer questions (40 total) will be given following the completion of each chapter/topic.  We will review for all tests the day before it is given.

    2.      Classwork/Homework/Notebook:

    a.  30% of your final grade.

    b.  All work is expected to be handed in on time (-10 for each day late).  If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up the work/notes that you missed.

    c.  Notebook use will be permitted on all tests.

    3.  Presentations:

    a.  20% of your final grade.

    b.  Students will be required to put together several PowerPoint presentations over the course of the marking period relative to the topic(s) being discussed in class. 

    4.  Class Participation:

    a.  10% of your final grade.

    b.  Includes daily behavior, attitude and attendance. 



    1.      Students who are absent five times (unexcused) will lose credit for this course.

    2.      5x late=one absence from this class.

    3.      5 minutes or more late to class will be considered a cut.

    4.      Students will lose credit after their second cut.


    1.      No eating or drinking in class.

    2.      No headphones, cell phones, playing cards, hats, etc.  These items will be taken.

    3.      Students will sit in assigned seats.  Students that are disruptive will be moved.

    4.      Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.